Claiming Tax Refunds in Ireland or from Abroad

Did you know that Ireland has signed 72 Double Tax Agreements with countries around the world including the US and UK. The purpose of a tax treaty is to avoid a situation where someone could be liable for tax in more than one jurisdiction.

This is a list of some of the reasons why you may be entitled to a refund.

  • You were not given all your reliefs on the certificate of credits and cut-off points.
  • You were on emergency tax.
  • You started employment part-way through the year.
  • Credits and cut-offs were allocated across 2 employments.
  • You and your spouse were not on joint assessment.
  • You are leaving Ireland part-way through the year.
  • You lost your job or were made redundant before the end of the tax year.

Many of the above reasons are also relevant for persons living, working and in business in another country.

Ireland has concluded Double Tax Arrangements (Treaties) with many countries. Income (for individuals and companies) can be potentially exposed to tax in more than one jurisdiction. Having Treaties in places establishes the rules regarding which country has the taxing rights over what sources of income; the relief given is normally in the form of a refund or a credit for tax paid in one jurisdiction against the tax due in another country.

We will deal expertly on your behalf with the relevant Revenue authorities.

Give the Tax Man a call or complete the enquiry form with all the relevant details. We’ll deal with your refund as quickly as possible.

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