Things you may not know about Paternity Leave.

Things you may not know about Paternity Leave.

Paternity leave was made law in Ireland as from 1st Sept. 2016. It amounts to an entitlement to two weeks leave and applies to the self-employees and all employees, including casual workers, regardless of how long they have been employed.

There is a paid benefit of €230 per week subject to having sufficient PRSI contributions. The benefit is claimed from the Department of Social Protection. It may be claimed for new-borns and adopted children. The father has the option of claiming immediately or up-to 6 months after the birth or adoption.

The benefit will be subject to income tax but not PRSI or USC. For PAYE workers the benefit will not be shown on your payslip however Revenue will tax the benefit and collect the tax from you by reducing your tax credit and standard rate band. For the self-employed the amount of benefit should be shown as taxable social welfare income in your tax return.

For further details on this benefit please visit The Department of Social Protection.



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