Third Party Returns

Third Party Returns

Each year self-employed individuals, companies and non-corporate bodies (charities, public bodies) are required to make a return covering certain payments made to persons carrying on a business activity. The filing due date for  Form 46G, Third Party Return is:

  • Companies – within 9 months of the year-end date.
  • Individuals and other bodies – by 31st October in the year following the year-end date of 31st December or end of the accounting period.

What types of payment are included?

Payments made for services received which exceed, in aggregate, €6,000 before VAT, in the year. For example this could include payments to your accountant, cleaner, maintenance provider, IT provider, courier or haulage provider and so. Also included would be payments in relation to the formation, development or disposal of a business. (Click the link below to see other examples of services shown in Appendix 1).

Note that any amounts paid on which PAYE has been deducted are not included. Also excluded are payments made to sub-contractors on which RCT applies, payments for telephone, gas and electricity, and amounts paid to non-residents. Payments made for a service as part of a supply of goods to which the VAT two-thirds rule apply are not to be included.

How is the form filed?

File on ROS using the online form or alternatively complete the form offline and upload when ready to file. Revenue also has an MS excel formatted version of the form which again can be completed offline.

What details are required?

  1. Payee – Tax reference number, Private name & address, Business name & address.
  2. The total value of payments made in the year, excluding VAT.
  3. Nature of the service provided.

For more details please refer click here for the Revenue tax and duty manual publication.


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