VAT 3 changes effective for September 2017

VAT 3 changes effective for September 2017

Revenue has introduced two changes to the VAT 3 form and filing process on ROS. The changes relate to the inclusion of a tick box to prompt Revenue of exceptional VAT expenditures for the period. The second feature relates to the inclusion of a confirmation screen at the “Pay & File” stage.

1. Exceptional items in the period:

The first change allows a taxpayer to provide further details on the VAT on purchases figure. The additional details requested would relate to exceptional expenditure for the period. For example, the purchases of a fixed asset such as a car, machinery, or expenditures on the development of facilities.

If there are relevant expenditures for the period then tick Yes, provide a figure for the amount before VAT and a brief description of the expenditure.

If there is nothing exceptional in the return then answer No and the additional boxes will not appear.

Effectively this is providing Revenue with some context to your VAT 3 for a period where expenditures are outside of your normal purchases activity.

Revenue may at any time request additional information regarding a VAT filing regardless of whether or not additional information has been provided using the above facility.

2. Confirmation screen on ROS:

This is a new on-line confirmation screen at the “Sign and Submit” stage.

It is introduced as a final check for the user before filing their VAT3.

For more details on both enhancements please check Revenue VAT3.


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